Christina Aguilera Stripped Reloaded Edition

Christina Aguilera Stripped Reloaded Edition

1. Stripped intro 1:392. Can’t Hold Us Down (Featuring Lil’ Kim) 4:153. Walk Away 5:474. Fighter 4:055. Primer Amor Interlude 0:466. Infatuation 4:177. Loves Embrace Interlude 0:468. Loving Me 4 Me 4:369. Impossible 4:1410. Underappreciated 4:0011. Beautiful 3:5812. Make Over 4:1213. Cruz 3:4914. Soar 4:4515. Get Mine, Get Yours 3:4416. Dirrty (Feauturing Redman) 4:4817. Stripped Pt.2 0:4518. The Voice Within 5:1819. I’m Ok 5:1820. Keep On Singin’ My Song 6:29

1. I Will Be 4:102. Dame Lo Que Yo Te Doy (Spanish Version) 3:453. Tilt Ya Head Back (with. Nelly) 4:134. Car Wash Ft. Missy Elliott 3:48(Stripped Live in the U.K.)5. Stripped Intro Part 1 1:456. Dirrty 4:367. Get Mine, Get Yours 3:088. The Voice Within 4:219. Genie in a Bottle (East Indian/Rock Remix) 4:1410. Can’t Hold Us Down 4:0911. Infatuation 4:3012. Cruz 4:0213. Loving Me 4 Me 0:5314. Impossible 3:5115. Lady Mamalade 4:2516. Walk Away 5:1117. Fighter 4:1718. Stripped Intro Part 2 0:4319. What a Girl Wants 6:2920. Beautiful (Encore) 5:54


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